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Turning Interest Into Action

Women With Wisdom Network Club is owned and operated by Women. The organization was birthed by Arlanda James in the year of 2006 in her McDonough, Ga. home.

Arlanda James is now an author and Pastor, and she says that the organization/ministry

was birthed, out of the Belly of Pain,disappointments, failure, Shame and Hurt. 


   Refusing to give up on her passion to help other women reach a level of success in their lives, regardless of the failures, Arlanda James continued to pursue her passion, to start a women's organization .

This Organization is Authentic , and unique, and we are dedicated to Empowering Women  to take their proper positions in the Kingdom of God as the Beautiful Queens that were born and destined to become.

From experience we know that the road may not always be easy or even fair, but it is necessary for you to reach your destiny.

Having experienced what it is like to not have a job, and what it feels like to struggle to pay your bills, with no direction in life, and even having to endure a bad marriage. Author and Pastor Arlanda James developed compassion for women/men that had endured what she had also experienced and this is what motivated her to start the women's organization.


We teach Women how to walk in Integrity, being true to herself, and her identity as a Woman.

No matter the place that the woman has found herself in, Women With Wisdom Network Club, is here to help her overcome, through the Word of God, Prayer and monthly Empowerment Sessions. 

Women With Wisdom Network Club is a group of professional Women who come together to work together in order to improve our local community, socially, culturally, physically, and educationally.

We understand that some women are business savory women, and have a call to work in the Marketplace, and there is also the stay at home Woman, and the Woman that is called to her Ministry.

At Women With Wisdom Network Club, we have something that will  cater to the needs of all of the Women that have need of our Organization.

We also have the business part of the WWW Network Club, that assist the Business Savory woman with her career. It does not matter if she is called to the Marketplace, and if she is just seeking a job.


 WWW Network Club is happy to assist her with her New Career. WWW Network Club offers Seasonal Jobs, and we give a platform to the Entrepreneur.

Our Club is a strong advocate in "Career Development.  We offer tools, Classes, Seminars,Teamwork, and hands on demonstrations, that will help the Woman develop her career.


We train all of our new Members, and we prepare them to be leaders in their communities, homes, and families.   

    We understand our positions as Women in our homes, and we teach married women to honor her own husband submitting to her own husband, as well as single women, to submit to their call to God, as a servant unto him full-time in the church and in her everyday living. We offer ministry training, Seminars, and the word of God.

We lead, live and love by leading by example. Our Club is growing daily, and it is a privately operated  Business and Non-profitable Organization.

It is easy to join our Club. If you are interested in joining. Please complete the New Member Application and pay the application Fee for New Membership. All applications are reviewed for approval.

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