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Arlanda James

     Pastor Arlanda James gave her life to the Lord in 1999. Being straight out of 

the world, she started seeking God for herself and getting a relationship with God through fellowship in His word and in prayer.                                                                                

            Pastor Arlanda was real when she was in the world and she is now in Christ Jesus. Pastor Arlanda did not grow up in church, which is evident in her preaching, praying and worship. The Bible states, that "God is a Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth." John 4:24. This is what you get in the ministry of Pastor Arlanda James.

             Pastor Arlanda, through controversy and persecution, continued to grow closer to the Lord. Due to her unorthodox style of praise and worship, she continually was persecuted in the traditional church.

However, like John the Baptist, she held on to her convictions and continued with her ministry

Pastor Arlanda started Women in Action prayer team in 2002.

This prayer team became a regular prayer breakfast attracting women and men from around Henry and neighboring counties. God started using Pastor Arlanda in deliverance and healing during these prayer meetings.

Pastor Arlanda continued hearing the call to go further and do more for God and became a licensed minister in 2005, under Bishop Donald Battle, Bishop of Divine Faith Ministries.

Also in 2005, she wrote her first book that was published entitled, "You Can Forgive a Cheating Spouse." This book became widely recognized and made way for her to make several guest appearances on “The Geraldo Show” twice in one year, Channel 57, and The Word Network-Home of the Reggie Gay Show, 102.5 FM (“Ask the Pastor” with Darlene McCoy) and 104.1 FM.

She was also featured in Booking Matters Magazine and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kiss 104 with Tawanna Black, and she was nominated , also received the 2016 Presidential Volunteer Award for her outstanding Community Work.

            Pastor Arlanda is a strong advocate for the community, and previously started ADH Staffing Agency , and later changed the name to WWW Network Club Staffing LLC , that helps to employ Women with jobs in the community.

In 2006, Pastor Arlanda started A Divine Harvest Global Center, and later added an Outreach and named it International Workers of The Harvest  Outreach Ministry, and changed the name of her church to  Divine Harvest Place Ministry -where she now is the Senior Pastor.

Pastor Arlanda also has published four other books, one in 2007 entitled, "Yes, I Am Married, But Can I Also Be Single," “God Help Me, But Here He Comes Again, and “Last Night I Was Intimate with God, and This is What I Conceived", and her new book, "40 Days of Detox."

 Pastor Arlanda has produced many stage productions such as: "God Help Me, But Here He Comes Again,” “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” “God Help Me, But Here He Comes Again” has been seen four times at The 14th Street Playhouse in Atlanta Ga Stage of Performances.

              Pastor Arlanda hosts an "Inspirational Prayer Call" every Wed Morning at 6:00a.m. , where she leads a host of intercessors that come together weekly and pray for the nation. Pastor James has compassion for the woman that has lost her way, and can relate to her struggles. She delights in their salvation. This is the purpose of the Women With Wisdom Network Club that is owned and operated under her leadership.

Pastor Arlanda married  husband Sigriss James in 1995 and is still married. They have three children, Desiray, Sigriss, and Charvez through the fruit of their union.

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